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Visa Check Card

Get the convenience of a credit card without having to worry about interest rates, annual fees, or monthly due dates.

With the Visa© Check Card, you can purchase goods and services online, in a store, or just about anywhere else. Just swipe it and go. Funds will be automatically deducted from your account just like a check. You can also use it to get cash from any ATM. It's all the convenience you need!


  • Easy to use
  • Avoid writing checks that require detailed identification procedures
  • PIN number ensures only you can access funds
  • No need to carry cash or checkbook


Re-pin your Debit Card

Call 1 (800) 567-3451


To report a lost or stolen:

Visa© Credit card: 1-800-367-7576

Visa© Debit card: 1-800-554-8969